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Referring to the location of the tumor within the eye, it may also be called uveal melanoma, or — more specifically noting one of the three parts of the uvea — choroidal melanoma, ciliary body melanoma, or iris melanoma.

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​​In honor of my sister, I developed this website to help patients and their families with their search for both accurate information and very useful resources relating to ocular melanoma.

As healthcare professionals, my sister and I always believed strongly in patient empowerment and informed decision making, of which gaining knowledge and finding additional support are critical pieces. We and our families put these actions to important use, along with hope and perseverance, during her courageous battle with metastatic ocular melanoma.

I would also like this website to be a place of encouragement. I hope that by using the links to organizations, educational materials, clinical trials, medical journals, online forums, and the many other types of assistance compiled here, you are heartened by the continuing work being done in ocular melanoma support and research.​

Wishing everyone strength and healing,
​Erica Barrett, MOT, MBA


EyeMelanoma.org highlights educational and support resources available on the Internet relating to eye melanoma, a type of eye cancer also known as ocular melanoma.​


In Loving Honor of My Sister Paula
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The mission of this website is to serve as a reference guide to well-respected, trustworthy resources.