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webinars and videos

Resources are listed by date (most recent first). Resource descriptions in quotes are taken directly from each Website.

Ocular Melanoma Webinars:

>>  State of Uveal Melanoma — September 7, 2015
"A special online presentation from Bill Harbour, MD, Director of the Ocular Oncology program at Bascom Palmer Eye institute in Miami. Dr. Harbour has radically advanced our understanding of ocular tumor genetics and, specifically, mutations in the BAP1 tumor suppressor gene and SF3B1." Webinar produced by Ocular Melanoma Foundation. (Time: 67 minutes)


​>>  Ocular Melanoma: Survivorship — July 9, 2013
"Three speakers [clinical social worker Arewa Banjoko and genetic counselors Susan Walther and Lisa Kessler] collaborated to bring you key information on living with the psychosocial impacts of an ocular melanoma diagnosis." Webinar produced by CURE OM. (Time: 60 minutes)


​>>  Ocular Melanoma: Liver Directed Therapies — May 9, 2013
"Dr. Charlie Nutting, Dr. Carin Gonsalves, and Dr. David Eschelman presented a webinar on liver directed therapies, including embolization, percutaneous hepatic perfusion (PHP), and ablation." Webinar produced by CURE OM. (Time: 65 minutes)


Ocular Melanoma Videos:

​>> Ocular Melanoma and Mucosal Melanoma Treatment Options — May 18, 2013

"Dr. Richard Carvajal speaks on the future of targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and clinical trials for ocular melanoma [first portion of presentation] and mucosal melanoma [second portion of presentation] at the 2013 Melanoma Education Symposium hosted by The Angeles Clinic Foundation and AIM at Melanoma." (Time: 36 minutes)

Also, see videos from OM conferences at EyeMelanoma.org/Presentations.