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Note: Links to all videotaped presentations from OM conferences are provided at EyeMelanoma.org/Presentations.​

>>  OM Education Videos — Presented on October 26, 2018
Short videos by Dr. Ruben Belfort Neto and Dr. Jesse Berry include "Brachytherapy in OM," "Biopsies in OM," "Liquid (Blood) Biopsy," "Radiation vs. Enucleation," and "Risk Factors in OM." Collection of videos produced by UM CURE 2020 can be accessed on the webpage noted below. (Time: Approx. 2 minutes each)


​​​​>> Information on The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Study on Uveal Melanoma — Presented on August 18, 2017

"Dr. Martine Jager, one of the authors of the TCGA study ["Integrative Analysis Identifies Four Molecular and Clinical Subsets in Uveal Melanoma"] published in the journal Cancer Cell, talks about the importance of this study and the impact it may have on UM diagnosis and treatment." (Time: 2 minutes)  Click here for further details on the study. 

>>  Cytogenetic Testing and Uveal Melanoma — Presented on August 15, 2017
"Dr. Carol Shields, Ocular Oncology Services Director at Wills Eye Hospital, discusses the use of fine-needle aspiration biopsy to determine metastatic risk." (Time: 6 minutes)

>>  New Treatments for Ocular Melanoma — Presented on October 3, 2016 
"UCLA ocular surgeon Tara McCannel, MD, discusses improved vision outcomes achieved with new surgical techniques to treat ocular melanoma." (Time: 30 minutes)


>>  State of Uveal Melanoma — Presented on September 7, 2015
"A special online presentation from Bill Harbour, MD, Director of the Ocular Oncology program at Bascom Palmer Eye institute in Miami. Dr. Harbour has radically advanced our understanding of ocular tumor genetics and, specifically, mutations in the BAP1 tumor suppressor gene and SF3B1." Webinar produced by Ocular Melanoma Foundation. (Time: 67 minutes)

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