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​​​​  "To make any kind of progress, we need to imagine a different reality and BELIEVE it's possible."
~Tali Sharot​​


    "We EMPOWER ourselves every time we accept responsibility for choosing the thoughts and feelings we act on."

~Karen Casey

be your engine 
and hope your fuel." 

~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.​

   "HOPE is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune
without the words, and never stops at all."
~Emily Dickinson​​

past conference presentations

2016 – PRESENT:

>>  Ocular Melanoma Foundation's 7th Annual "Eye Am Not Alone" Patient Retreat; Stanford, CA; October 27–29, 2017

General information: www.ocularmelanoma.org/eana17  (OMF will post presentations there when available.)

>>  OcuMelUK's 7th Annual Conference; Reading, England; September 22, 2017
The following topics are discussed in videotaped presentations: UK Clinical Trials for Metastatic OM • What Can We Learn About Immune Therapy from Immune Cells in Cancer Tissue? • Challenges in Treating OM • The Evolution of Interventional Oncology and Its Role in Treating Liver Metastatic Disease • Update on Collaborative International Research Efforts in OM • Controversies Regarding Biopsies of Intraocular Tumors • The Psychological Impact of Cancer
Videotaped presentations: www.ocumeluk.org/patients-and-family/resources/annual-conferences

>>  Melanoma Research Foundation/CURE OM's 6th Annual "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium; Washington, DC; March 10–11, 2017

​The following topics are discussed in videotaped presentations and slides: OM Basics and Post-Treatment Eye Care • Targeted Therapy and Research Updates • Immunotherapy • Liver Directed Therapy • Advances in Melanoma and Oncology • Huntersville, NC Cluster Update • Emory Eye Tumor SPORE Update • Clinical Trials 101 • CURE OM Patient Registry Update • Presentations by Patients

Videotaped presentations: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqV-0vUlSC3YNFhtWBRvGaNdRpLIzseYO
Slide presentations: 
www.melanoma.org/understand-melanoma/resource-library/educational-recordings (on that webpage, scroll down to the March 10–11, 2017 section)

>>  OcuMelUK's 6th Annual Conference; Reading, England; September 23, 2016
​The following topics are discussed in videotaped presentations: Molecular Genetics • Targeting the Liver • Metastatic Treatment • How Can We Make Research Relevant, of High Quality, and Efficient? • "Uveal Melanoma Cure 2020 Project" Overview

Videotaped presentations: www.ocumeluk.org/conferences/developing-excellence-in-ocular-melanoma

>>  Ocular Melanoma Foundation's 6th Annual "Eye Am Not Alone" Patient Retreat; Miami, FL; September 9–11, 2016

The following topics are discussed in videotaped presentations and slides: Current State of Uveal Melanoma • Radiation Physics and 3D Eye Plaque Treatment Planning • Ocular Oncology Q&A • Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion • Genetic Testing • Tissue Factor Biology • Clinical Trials Panel • Immunotherapy • Liver Directed Therapies

Videotaped presentations: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL74Yz-RleyjafgDzOGLlzu0FVqsVUc-dX
Slide presentations: 

>>  Melanoma Research Foundation/CURE OM's 5th Annual "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium; Atlanta, GA; March 4–6, 2016

The following topics are discussed in videotaped presentations and slides: OM Basics • Eye Care: Treatment and Beyond • Prognosis and Medical Oncology Followup • How to Approach Systemic Treatment for Metastatic Disease • Localized Treatments for Metastatic Disease • Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) Update • Understanding a Cluster of OM Cases: Update from Huntersville, NC • Q&A Sessions • Patient & Caregiver Discussion Panels

Videotaped presentations:www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqV-0vUlSC3b3ZOU8pBS9mfjoQkfEvSid
Slide presentations: www.melanoma.org/understand-melanoma/resource-library/educational-recordings (on that webpage, scroll down to the March 4–6, 2016 section)

2013 – 2015:

​>>  Ocular Melanoma Foundation's 5th Annual "Eye Am Not Alone" Patient Retreat; Cleveland, OH; October 16–18, 2015
Videotaped presentations: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL74Yz-RleyjahvJb44c_zDBVVHKfKHEXh

>>  OcuMelUK's 5th Annual Conference; Reading, England; September 25, 2015
Videotaped presentations: www.ocumeluk.org/conferences/ocumel-uk

>>  Melanoma Research Foundation/CURE OM's 4th Annual "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium; Philadelphia, PA; March 6–8, 2015
​Videotaped presentations: http://jdc.jefferson.edu/mrf/2015

​>>  Ocular Melanoma Foundation's 4th Annual "Eye Am Not Alone" Patient Retreat; Cleveland, OH; October 24–26, 2014

Videotaped presentations: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL74Yz-RleyjbDxjfvHxZSCF-esDdl8PjE

​>>  OcuMelUK's 4th Annual Conference; Liverpool, England; September 19, 2014

Videotaped presentations: www.ocumeluk.org/conferences/ocular-melanoma-the-eye-and-beyond

​>>  Melanoma Research Foundation/CURE OM's 3rd Annual "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium; Los Angeles, CA; March 1–2, 2014
Videotaped presentations (part 1 of 2): www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFI9rCzG5q4

Videotaped presentations (part 2 of 2): www.youtube.com/watch?v=277vLxsN1cA

>>  Ocular Melanoma Foundation's 3rd Annual "Eye Am Not Alone" Patient Retreat; Philadelphia, PA; November 1–3, 2013
Videotaped presentations: www.ocularmelanoma.org/eana2013

​>>  Melanoma Research Foundation/CURE OM's 2nd Annual "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium; Houston, TX; March 2–3, 2013
Videotaped presentations: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqV-0vUlSC3beaxnqVfLosLiqE_jLSdUX&feature=view_all


April 20–22, 2018 ...

7th Annual "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium;  Denver, Colorado. Sponsored by Melanoma Research Foundation/CURE OM.​