​ "To make any kind of progress, we need to imagine a different reality and BELIEVE it's possible."
~Tali Sharot​​

      "We EMPOWER ourselves every time we accept responsibility for choosing the thoughts and feelings we act on."

~Karen Casey

be your engine 
and hope your fuel." 

~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.​

   "HOPE is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune
without the words, and never stops at all."
~Emily Dickinson​​​​

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conference presentations


>>  Melanoma Research Foundation's 9th CURE OM "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium; Virtual Global Event; November 19–21, 2020

Topics of presentations included​ Patient Self-Advocacy • CURE OM Registry Update 

• Research: International Overview • Clinical Trials: International Overview • Radiation Oncology • Radiation Side Effects on the Retina • Adjuvant Therapy • Patients, Caregivers, and their Experiences • Whole Genome Sequencing • Primary OM 101 • Conjunctival  Melanoma • Current Treatment Options • Liver-Directed Interventional Radiology • What  Happens at Diagnosis and Checkups • COVID-19 and OM • Talking to your Family About Cancer • Living with Visual Problems • OM Treatment Progress over the Last Few Decades

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>>  A Cure in Sight's 3rd "Eye Believe" Survivorship Seminar; Virtual Event; October 8–10, 2020

Topics of presentations included​​ Standard of Care in OM • Understanding Genetics • 

What's New in OM • Radiation Maculopathy • Prosthetic Eyes • Navigating Clinical Trials • Holistic Medicine & Western Medicine • Creating Your Care Plan • OM Registries • Low Vision Resources •  Palliative Care and Hospice • Understanding a Loved One's Diagnosis • Melanoma Patient Network Europe • Discoveries from Clinical Trials • Thriving with OM 

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>>  A Cure in Sight's 2nd "Eye Believe" Survivorship Seminar; Redondo Beach, CA; September 5–8, 2019
​​Topics of presentations included​​​ Navigating Clinical Trials • Intrahepatic Therapies • 

Understanding Genetic Testing • Functional Medicine Meets Western Medicine •  

Retinopathy and Side Effects of Treatment • Adaptation To Vision Loss • Caregiver Panel • Talking to Your Kids About Cancer • Navigating Finances
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>>  The 1st Australasian Ocular Melanoma Summit; Sydney, Australia; May 3–4, 2019
Patient Program: 
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Scientific Program: 
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>>  Melanoma Research Foundation's 8th CURE OM "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium; Raleigh, NC; April 5–7, 2019
​​Topics of presentations included Past, Present, and Future of OM • Ocular Melanoma Treatment • Metastatic Liver Disease • Liver Directed Therapies • CURE OM Patient Registry Update • Auburn's Unique OM Population • Advocacy and OM • Clinical Trials Panel • Unique Populations Science Panel • International Collaborations in OM Panel

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​​>>  A Cure in Sight's 1st "Eye Believe" Survivorship Seminar; Orlando, FL; November 28 – December 2, 2018

Topics of presentations included Immunotherapy for OM • The Evolving Care Pathway of OM Lesions • Navigating Clinical Trials and Second Opinions • Cancer and Careers •  Harbour Ocular Oncology Lab • Current Approach for Metastatic OM • Aura Bioscience •  Carolina Eye Prosthetics • Navigating Finances • Nutrition • What Is a Cancer Cluster? • Delcath Update • Understanding Your Genetic Testing Results • Patients Bill of Rights and a Survivorship Plan • Tools & Techniques for Emotional Times • After-Treatment Effects on the Eye: Proton Beam vs. Plaque
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>>  Melanoma Research Foundation's 7th CURE OM "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium; Denver, CO; April 20–22, 2018

Topics of presentations included Progress and Hope: A Historical Perspective on the OM Field • OM Treatment • Beyond Eye Treatment • Mindfulness • Adjuvant Therapy and Clinical Trials • Systemic Therapy for Metastatic OM • The Cancer Genome Atlas Update • Cannabis for Cancer • CURE OM Patient Registry Update and Panel Discussion • Huntersville, NC OM Cluster Update • Understanding Scans 101 • Liver-Directed Therapies • A Potential Molecular Target for OM Treatment

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View slide presentations​   (underneath past events in right-hand column of linked page)

>>  Ocular Melanoma Foundation's 7th "Eye Am Not Alone" Patient Retreat; Stanford, CA; October 27–29, 2017

Topics of presentations included Overview of Uveal Melanoma • Survivorship and Patient Quality of Life • Relationship Between Cutaneous Melanoma and Uveal Melanoma • Liver-Directed Therapies • Gene Expression Profile Test for Uveal Melanoma • Collaborative Research Initiatives • T-Cell Therapies and the Promise of Immunotherapy • Clinical Trials • Patient Q&A

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>>  OcuMelUK's 7th Conference; Reading, England; September 22, 2017
Topics of presentations included UK Clinical Trials for Metastatic OM • What Can We Learn About Immune Therapy from Immune Cells in Cancer Tissue? • Challenges in Treating OM • The Evolution of Interventional Oncology and Its Role in Treating Liver Metastatic Disease • Update on Collaborative International Research Efforts in OM • Controversies Regarding Biopsies of Intraocular Tumors • Psychological Impact of Cancer
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>>  Melanoma Research Foundation's 6th CURE OM "Eyes on a Cure" Patient & Caregiver Symposium; Washington, DC; March 10–11, 2017

Topics of presentations included OM Basics and Post-Treatment Eye Care • Targeted Therapy and Research Updates • Immunotherapy • Liver Directed Therapy • Advances in Melanoma and Oncology • Huntersville, NC Cluster Update • Emory Eye Tumor SPORE Update • Clinical Trials 101 • CURE OM Patient Registry Update • Presentations by Patients

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​​NOTE: Only links to conference presentations made during the past four years are listed on this webpage in order to better reflect the latest information and advances from OM research.