Definitions For Cancer-Related Terms

From American Society of Clinical Oncology

"Defines basic oncology terms, terms you may hear your doctor use when you are being treated or once you have finished treatment, and statistics terms used in cancer research."

Above information is also available in Spanish.

From National Cancer Institute

--Dictionary of Cancer Terms "is a resource with [more than 8,000] terms related to cancer and medicine."

Above information is also available in Spanish.

--Drug Dictionary "contains technical definitions and synonyms for drugs/agents used to treat patients with cancer."

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Diagnostic Tests and Procedures

From American Society of Clinical Oncology

"The most common diagnostic tests and procedures — such as MRIs, Ultrasounds, Bone scans, PET scans, CT scans, and biopsies — are described" along with "questions to consider asking your doctor" about each one.

From American Association for Clinical Chemistry

"At the core of the LabTestsOnline website is a library of lab tests [see its Tests Index tab] that will provide helpful background for understanding why a test might be ordered and what the results might mean."

​​​​​​​​​​​​testing, diagnosis, and treatment info

Resources are listed in alphabetical or date order. Resource descriptions in quotes are taken directly from each website.

Eye Melanoma Guides:

​​>>  American Cancer Society's Eye Cancer Guide

Topics include "Causes, Risk Factors, & Prevention," "Early Detection, Diagnosis, & Staging," "Treating Eye Cancer," and "After Treatment."

​>>  American Society of Clinical Oncology's Eye Cancer Guide

Topics include "Diagnosis," "Stages & Grades," "Treatment Options," "Latest Research," and "Questions to Ask the Doctor."

​​>>  National Cancer Institute's Eye Melanoma Treatment Guide

Provides an "Overview" and "Treatment Options."
This information is also available in Spanish.

Other Resources:

​>>  Castle Biosciences' DecisionDx-UM Gene Expression Profile (GEP) Test

"By identifying the molecular signature of an individual’s eye tumor, DecisionDx-UM accurately predicts which patients with uveal melanoma are at low and high risk of metastasis within five years." NOTE: "The tumor tissue sample required for this test must be taken PRIOR TO radiation therapy."

>>  Ocular Melanoma Patient Registry

​​"A patient registry is a collection of information about a group of patients who share a condition or experience. The CURE OM initiative is in the process of launching a national registry. It will capture comprehensive information on genetics, disease characteristics, environment, types of treatments, physical outcomes, and quality of life."

​Recent "No-Cost" Medical Journal Articles Providing an Overview on Testing, Diagnosis, and/or Treatment:

Note: The full version of the articles listed here can be read and printed at no charge using the links shown below, whereas most medical journal articles require a fee or subscription to read them. See for information on how to access all medical journal articles.

​​​​>> "The Patient's Experience of Ocular Melanoma in the US: A Survey of the Ocular Melanoma Foundation"
Authors: Afshar, Deiner, Allen, and Damato. In Ocular Oncology and Pathology, September 2018.

>> "Non-Cutaneous Melanoma"

Book edited by Scott and Gerstenblith, Codon Publications, March 2018
Ch. 1: Uveal Melanoma (Grisanti and Tura)
Ch. 2: Genetics of Uveal Melanoma (Doherty, Alfawaz, Francis, Lijka-Jones, and Sisley)
Ch. 3: Liquid Biopsy for Uveal Melanoma (Tura, Lueke, and Grisanti)

​​​​>> "Treatment of Uveal Melanoma: Where Are We Now?"
Authors: Yang, Manson, Marr, and Carvajal. In Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology, January 2018.

>> "The Biology of Uveal Melanoma" 
Authors: Amaro, Gangemi, Piaggio, Angelini, Barisione, Ferrini, and Pfeffer. In Cancer and Metastasis Reviews, February 2017.

>> "Uveal Melanoma: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Treatment of Primary Disease"
Authors: Krantz, Dave, Komatsubara, Marr, and Carvajal. In Clinical Ophthalmology, January 2017.

>> "The Genetics of Uveal Melanoma: Current Insights"

Authors: Helgadottir and Höiom. In Journal of the Application of Clinical Genetics, September 2016.

>> "Nanomedicine in the Application of Uveal Melanoma" 
Authors: You, Luo, Grossniklaus, Gou, Meng, and Zhang. In International Journal of Ophthalmology, September 2016.

>> "Uveal Melanoma as a Target for Immune-Therapy"
Authors: Oliva, Rullan, and Piulats. In Annals of Translational Medicine, May 2016.