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Finding Health Care Services If You Have Cancer

From National Cancer Institute

Topics include "Choosing a Doctor," "Getting a Second Opinion," and "Choosing a Treatment Facility."

Above information is also available in Spanish.


Cancer Centers

From Melanoma International Foundation

U.S. Cancer Centers:

"List of National Cancer Institute's approved comprehensive cancer centers and other centers of excellence for melanoma."


Global Resources [Outside of U.S.]:

"When possible we list support agencies and highly recommended specialists."


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Resources are listed in alphabetical order. Resource descriptions in quotes are taken directly from each website.

Note: Any organization's list or database should NOT be considered a comprehensive directory. Also, medical associations only list their members.

Ocular Oncologists (Doctors Treating Eye Melanoma):

>>  A Cure in Sight

"List of doctors who specialize in ocular melanoma."


​​>>  American Academy of Ophthalmology

"Find an Ophthalmologist" search tool. (Select 'Ocular Oncology' in 'Subspecialty' drop-down menu. Then search by city, state, or country.)

​>>  Eye Cancer Foundation
"Search for eye cancer specialists in more than 50 countries."

​>>  Melanoma Research Foundation's CURE OM
"Melanoma Treatment Center Finder." (Select 'Ocular' in the services list.)



Oncologists (Includes a variety of specialties):

​>>  American Society of Clinical Oncology
"Find an Oncologist" search tool.

Radiation Oncologists:

​​>>  American Society for Radiation Oncology

"Find a Radiation Oncologist" search tool in middle of webpage.


Surgical Oncologists:

​>>  Society of Surgical Oncology
"Find a Surgical Oncologist" search tool.